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Please note: Maveric Banking NGO reg is complete, employment will be finalized.

CV's can be sent to cv@military.mavericsa.co.za.

Please note: Maveric Military has no agency recruiting staff.

Maveric NGO Sovereign States a humanitarian Banking NGO has established a Defence Force based on a principal that has never been applied before in the history of man.


Our emblem represents honour and bravery. This befits all men who wear the uniform and our beliefs as based on ancient times.

Maveric will be uniting soldiers from many different nations in our new country for one common purpose to establish a platform for nations ravaged by war to rebuild their broken lives.

Maveric will be offering our soldiers an opportunity to perform an outstanding service to mankind ..... peace.

Our soldiers will be protecting the 1500 villages that the UN has allocated to us in Africa and Middle East and our aim is to bring peace and stability to the regions.

Over the centuries politicians have used soldiers to enrich themselves and once they have got what they want these broken men are left to fend for themselves and the service to their country conveniently forgotten.

These men have been asked to do terrible things in service of their country and now at Maveric Military they have a wonderful opportunity to find the forgiveness they so desperately seek.

Maveric will honour these brave men who answered the call suffered greatly and were just forgotten.

Our soldiers will stand proud in the defence of the weak and defenceless.


Maveric's military team will create the military solutions we need to achieve our goals.......… total safety and security for all maveric citizens.

Maveric will be establishing a military academy for training of future defence force members.

Maveric has huge financial resources and is financially self sufficient to afford only best of everything and we are registered with World Bank and Finca.

We do not rely on donations.

Maveric will also be offering free medical services, including drug rehabilitation for all soldiers who enlist.

Maveric Military Defence Force is looking for the following applicants.


  • Air force pilots
  • Fighter jets
  • C130
  • Antonov
  • Helicopters
  • All types of aviation services



  • Aircraft carrier
  • Frigates
  • Submarines

RFS Admiral Gorshkov Frigat


  • Infantry and Artillery
  • Soldiers in various categories
  • Veterans

Frontline Infantry

Disabled veteran applicants welcome

Disabled Veterans

We offer / Benefits:

  • Housing
  • Above average payment
  • Military backed safety and security
  • High quality education for families
  • Relocation costs for family
  • Full medical for any injuries
  • Medical for families
  • Pension is life long after retirement
  • Pension age 60
  • Last salary including annual inflation till you pass away
  • Applicable to spouse
  • 3weeks leave and bonus
  • If you die in action your family will be provided for

Application requirements:

  • CV
  • College or university graduate certificate
  • Certification in speciality
  • Police clearance or certificate of good standing
  • English is a must for professions dealing with public

Applications can be submitted to the following email addresses:

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